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Hello Travelers and welcome to Bonafide Traveler!

I’m almost certain you have had some of the same experiences as I have had in regards to traveling. Maybe you are preparing for vacation or you’re a business traveler, whatever the case, I created this site for you.

Finding great travel tips from other folks or researching Google always adds something special to our adventures. That is what inspired me to create Bonafide Traveler.

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Bonafide Traveler is a site for you to come to and research information, look for advice, or sometimes find a special trip you might not have thought of. We here at Bonafide Traveler want to provide you with our experiences and our readers’ experiences. I am sure you will find everything you need here.

Bonafide Traveler is a community of travelers whose goal is to assist other travelers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience. For Travelers, By Travelers!

If you like to travel and if you have a detailed travel tip to share, get in touch with us, as it’s possible to share your own travel experiences! Recommend Bonafide Traveler, invite your friends and travel buddies to join as well! Fellow travelers around the world will thank you for it!

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